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12 Tips To Secure Your Home

12 Tips To Secure Your Home

Having a secure home is important for your family’s safety and your peace of mind. By following these simple tips you are sure to feel better about your safety.

There are over two million burglaries a year in the United States and the average loss is thousands of dollars. Burglars often look for the easiest targets so it is important to make your home look secure as well as be secure.

Having your home look and be secure will help deter criminals from victimizing you. As the old joke goes, you don’t have to outrun the bear.

Have a Household Meeting

One of the biggest steps to having a secure home is simple. It is communication among the household members. According to the FBI over 30% of burglaries where unlawful entries without force, so simply keeping your home locked is a huge first step.

It is important everyone in the household is on the same page about security. Most household security devices do nothing if not activated. Everyone must lock all doors and windows when leaving, returning and before bedtime.

Lock all Windows and Doors

I know I just said it but it bears repeating, you must lock all your doors and windows to secure your home. If you don’t use the locks they won’t do any good.

It is important to actually lock all the doors and windows in your home. This is one of the reasons you need a household meeting to determine whose responsibility it is to make sure what doors and windows remain locked.

Rekey Your Home

Do you know who has a key to your home? When was the last time you changed the key to your home? It is important to get your new home rekeyed right away, you have no idea who has a key to it. But there are many other reasons to get your home rekeyed.

Besides all the security related reasons to rekey your home, convenience could be a factor. Having one key to operate all the locks in your home will fill you with joy.

If you are ready to get your home rekeyed call Metro Lockout right now at (612) 202-4575!

Don’t Have Valuables Exposed

Many theft crimes happen because opportunity arises for the thief. Many property crimes happen because valuables are spotted by an “off duty thief”.  It happens so often that someone of dubious morality happens upon an easy target. Although there was no plan to steal, the temptation is too much. Don’t let this happen to you, keep your valuables stowed away out of sight.

Some of the ways to keeps your valuables out of sight are closing your garage door, keeping drapes and blinds shut and carefully disposing of boxes of expensive products.

Replace Weak Locks

The locks you have on a door matter. Not all locks are created equal. Locks are graded by the ANSI as Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Grade 1 are highest grade security and durability and Grade 3 are the lowest. Many homes have grade 3 locks but properly installed grade 1 or grade 2 locks would improve security.

It is advised to upgrade your residential hardware to at least grade 2 for excellent security and durability. It is also very important to have your locks installed properly as an improperly installed lock will not be secure.

If you really take security seriously you will have to consider high security locks. Some brands use specialized keys that are not easily obtained. High security locks offer bump resistance, pick resistance, drill resistance and force resistance in addition to superior key control.

If you are ready to get your locks upgraded call Metro Lockout right now at (612) 202-4575!

Have A Deadbolt Lock on Every Exterior Door

It is important to have a deadbolt lock on every exterior door, your home is only as secure as the weakest point. Most front doors in Minnesota have a latchbolt lock and a dead bolt lock.

A latchbolt lock has a latch that is spring loaded and does not protrude far into the door jam.  Your door knob or handle is most likely a latchbolt, as are your interior doors. Latchbolt locks offer minimal security and alone are insufficient for exterior doors.

A deadbolt lock has a latch made of a solid bolt that protrude well into the door jam and hopefully even into the door frame. Check to be sure every exterior door in your home has a deadbolt lock. If you find any doors that don’t get one installed.

If you are ready to get a Deadbolt Lock installed call Metro Lockout right now at (612) 202-4575!

Remove the ‘Hidden Key’

Every good thief knows about hidden keys and where people are likely to put them. The simple truth is your “hidden key” is not so hidden. It is time to get rid of the hidden key and give a key to a trusted friend or neighbor. If you must use a hidden key put it in a hard to get to location, not just under the doormat. But seriously, don’t do it.

Eliminate Potential Hiding Spot

It is important to eliminate potential hiding spots in your yard. This is especially true next to your home’s doors and windows. Trim your shrubs and bushes so the area around your doors, windows and porches can easily been seen. It is important to take a look at your home from the outside. Try to think about how you could get in, where you could hide. If you see any spots a person could easily hide make adjustments.

Use Outdoor Lighting

Having a well lit yard will deter criminals from your home. A criminal will not want to be in a well lit yard trying to break in. Sense you already eliminated all the hiding spots, lighting will easily expose anyone lurking.

Having solar lights in your landscaping is both elegant design and improved security. Battery powered lights recharged each day by sunlight is an inexpensive way to keep your home safe.

Motion detection lights are great. In a perfect world one would have motion sensor lights all around their home. Many people forget about the sides and back of their house. Remember a successful burglar will use the easiest access to your home.

Secure Air Conditioning Units

If you have a ground floor window air conditioning unit, it must be secured. There are a few methods and they will depend on your exact situation. Essentially securing a window air conditioning involves adding brackets or a cage to secure the unit and the opening against a would be thief.

Add Signs

Having signs such as “Dog on Premises” or “Protected by Alarm” often have a deterrent effect. Even though it is widely known people use these signs as bluffs, burglars like the path of least resistance. Of course if you actually have an alarm or guard dog then it is even better.

Put Away Your Ladder

Leaving a ladder out is an invitation to access the upper part of your home. Many people are careless about keeping upper level windows locked.  Often people will leave them open during the day when no one is home to allow airflow inside. An available ladder creates an easy access for a thief. Don’t let your own ladder be used against you, lock it up or store it in your garage or home.

By following these tips you are sure to have a more secure home. Remember every home is different and you have to take a good long look at the security of your home. Some of the tips might be good for your situation and some might not apply at all. The first step is to assess your home and look for the best ways to increase security.
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