"Do You Want Your Home Secure?"

Would You Like To Control Who Has a Key To Your House?

Getting your locks rekeyed allows you to control who has access to your home.

  • Peace of Mind

    Not knowing who has a copy of your key adds a lot stress to your day. Your mind will be at ease with your new keys. Contact us today, a rekey is a simple way for you to secure your home.

  • Security

    Properly functioning locks on all the doors of your home help keep it secure. Don't give up that security by not knowing who has a copy of your key.

  • Convenience

    Do you have locks with different keys? Wouldn't it be great if the same key opened them all? When you get the locks on your home rekeyed you can have that also!

You know that an important step in securing your home is controlling the access. If you have not changed the keys since purchasing your home you do not know who has a key. Getting your home rekeyed is great way to control who has the key to your home.

Metro Lockout is a top ranked locksmith serving the Twin Cities area. We are expert locksmiths with an eye for security.

Put our vast experience to work securing your home for you and your family.

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Know The Amount and Types of Locks Protecting Your Home.
When you contact Metro Lockout about rekeying your home it is helpful if you have gathered some information. One of the first things to do is count how many doors you will need rekeyed. Listed below are the most common residential door lock types. We can also rekey or add keyed locks to most patio doors.

Counting Your Keyways

  •  Grab a piece of paper and write down what doors you need rekeyed, leaving a couple spaces after each one.

  •  Next go to each door and write down the types of locks each door has and how many keyways each lock has.

  •  Now add up all the key-ways. In the example there is 6 key-ways. 1 on the front door, 3 on the side door and 2 on the back door.

Keyed Doorknob
Keyed Lever
Single Cylinder Deadbolt
Double Cylinder Deadbolt
Single Cylinder Handleset
Double Cylinder Handleset

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What Is a Rekey?
A rekey is a process a locksmith does to a lock so it uses a different key. After your locks are rekeyed the lock will no longer work with the original key. Your locks will only be opened by using the new key. Most houses have perfectly good locks rekeying them brings back the security.
Who Will Do My Rekey?
Metro Lockout is a Locksmith company in Minneapolis, MN. We are a local company, with local Locksmiths. When you schedule a rekey with Metro Lockout you can expect courteous, expert service from Professional Locksmiths.
How Long Does a Rekey Take?
Generally a residential rekey takes 1-2 hours. It could take more or less based on the number of doors, the number of locks, the type of locks and the brand of locks. It is not even necessary for someone to be home while the service is performed, we would simply have to make arrangements to transfer keys.
Can I have Other Services Performed During My Rekey?
While our Locksmith is at your home they can perform any of our wide range of Residential Locksmith services.

The Locksmith can also replace your out of date, out of style or end of life hardware with new, modern, updated hardware in a variety of styles and finishes.

The Locksmith can look over your interior door hardware to ensure proper opening and closing with ease.

The Locksmith can also offer keypad locks, smart locks, match the key to their cabin, other homes, provide a separate key for housekeepers, maintenance personnel, etc. that will only work for one lock, whereas their own key can fit all of the locks. We have many custom setups to meet most any need.