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Emergency Roadside Services

Metro Lockout is a 24 hour mobile locksmith company offering emergency roadside assistance. If you are in need of a qualified technician to help with your roadside emergency call Metro Lockout at (612) 202-4575.

Metro Lockout has roadside assistance technicians in fully equipped marked vehicles ready to come to you. Our technicians will arrive quickly and always have the utmost concern for safety.

The highway is a very dangerous place to exit your vehicle. Things happen fast and without warning. Don’t take the chance of being hurt by a passing motorist. We have fully marked vehicles with emergency lighting to alert approaching traffic as well as Technicians that will work quickly to get you back on your way while you remain seat belted comfortably in your temperature controlled vehicle.

Jump-StartJump Starting a vehicle is not something to leave to just anyone. One wrong move can hurt your vehicle’s battery as well as other, more vital parts of your vehicle. Jumper cables do not always do the job as they are not strong enough to pass the current efficiently.

At Metro Lockout, we have the proper equipment to jump everything from motorcycles to buses and everything in between. Cars, trucks, semi-trucks, RV’s, big vans, 12V, 24V, you name it!
Call Now: (612) 202-4575

Emergency-Tire-ChangeDo you have a flat tire and need it changed?

We are near by and ready to help with a tire change. Changing a tire is serious business and can be dangerous if not done properly. We change tires everyday, so sit back, relax and call Metro Lockout to come out and change your tire. We are insured and safety is our priority. Call Metro Lockout and we will change your tire.

Deluxe Tire Change: Don’t have a spare tire? We’ve got you covered there too! We can come to your vehicle, remove the flat tire/rim and take it to the tire shop of your choice or to one of our preferred tire shops and have it repaired or replaced. We’ll then bring it back to your vehicle and put it back on for you all within about an hour. This saves you from needing a tow.
Call Now: (612) 202-4575

Fuel Delivery

Fuel-DeliveryIf your car is out of gas, you need someone to bring you some fuel to get you to the gas station. Make that call to Metro Lockout, we will bring you enough fuel to get you on your way. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

Call us right now for the fastest service and no-nonsense pricing.
Call Now: (612) 202-4575

Metro Lockout is a Minneapolis locksmith serving the entire Twin City metro area. We are available 24/7 so give us a call. Be sure to keep our number in your phone as beside roadside assistance we are a full service Automotive, Commercial and Residential locksmith.

24 Hour Vehicle Jump Start Service
24 Hour Roadside Assistance Fuel Delivery
24 Hour Roadside Assistance Tire Change

24hr Locksmith Service

Call Now: (612) 202-4575

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