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One of the many things we take for granted as we drive, is our tires. They are a very important part of our safety. They should be checked often for wear and the spare should be checked for air pressure and accessibility about every other oil change. This is also a good time to rotate the tires, which maximizes the life of the tires.

No matter how well we take care of our tires and replace them when needed, they can always go flat for one reason or another. Sometimes it is a short leak and we can come add some air in to it for you to get to the nearest tire store and get it fixed or replaced. In this case, the tire store can usually plug the tire if the hole is on the tread side of the tire. If there is a hole or damage to the sidewall part of the tire, it has to be replaced. Plugging a tire is common, is a reliable solution and does not cost much.

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Sometimes there are those days where you just cannot catch a break and a tire completely blows out on you while you are driving. This happens to all of us at one time or more in life and it can be scary, especially for first timers. If it is your first time and there is no one with you that has changed one before, WE STRONGLY SUGGEST HIRING METRO LOCKOUT TO COME AND CHANGE YOUR TIRE!

That’s right, Metro Lockout is not only well known for our super fast vehicle lockout, residential lockout and commercial lockout services, but we also provide Roadside Assistance Services of all kinds, 24/7/365.

We are 24/7/365, rain or shine. No problem, call us here at Metro Lockout and we will come straight to your location and change your tire on site. Even if you do not have a functioning spare tire, we can provide our Deluxe Tire Change Service which includes us coming and removing the flat tire, taking it to the nearest tire shop, getting it repaired or replaced, coming back and putting it back on your vehicle, all while you enjoy the comfort of your home, work or vehicle.

Tire changing can be a simple bump in the road or can be a small problem that turns in to a big headache. Why get your hands and clothes dirty? Why take the risk of bodily injury or damage to your vehicle? Call Metro Lockout at 612-202-4575 and we can do it all in minutes.

With our Heavy Duty Work Vans and emergency flashing lights, uniformed Roadside Technicians and constant focus on safety, you’re in safe hands with Metro Lockout.

Please keep in mind, if your tire blows out on the highway, pull to the far right and initiate your 4 way flashing lights. We feel that you should stay seated in your car with your seatbelt fastened for safety and remain in your seatbelt until safely off the roadway and on to your destination.

It is also recommended you keep your engine running while your flashers are flashing to prevent your battery from dying. This will also help in keeping the car at a comfortable temperature while you wait for one of Metro Lockout’s Technicians to arrive. Of course if you forget to leave the car running and your battery dies, be sure to inform the Tech before they leave so we can provide you with our Emergency Jump Start Service.

Of course since the day is full of good luck as it is with the flat tire and all, but what if you run out of gas while waiting the 25 minutes for one of our Technicians to arrive? Well, Metro Lockout has you covered there as well. We provide an Emergency Fuel Delivery Service 24/7/365. We have the fuel on hand to get you to the next gas station and beyond, but we’ll follow you just in case, if you want.

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We provide all of these services 24/7/365 all throughout the entire Minneapolis/Saint Paul Twin City Metro Area of Central Minnesota/Western Wisconsin and far beyond. We accept debit and credit cards.

Whatever the case, we do not recommend changing your tire on the freeway nor do we suggest allowing anyone other than a professional to change your tire. If not installed properly, the spare tire could pose a dangerous risk to you and others in your vehicle.

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