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Jump Start Service



Car won’t start?

Don’t call for a tow truck if all you need is a jump start! Don’t call in to work.

We can come right to you, usually within 20 minutes and get your car jump started. Even if you are in a garage, parked against a wall, blocked in, etc.


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Did you try to jump your car already and it didn’t start?

Not all jumper cables are created equal. A good pair of cables will cost around $100. Those ones you see for $10 will work for some cars, but not all of them. Some cars require more juice than the cables are able to pass or the vehicle you are trying to jump with is able to provide. That’s why we only use Heavy Duty battery jumping equipment that can jump most motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, RV’s, Buses, Semi-trucks and more.

Did you try one of those battery chargers on your battery and it didn’t work?

Again, not all battery charging equipment is created equal. Battery chargers are not what we are going to bring, those take hours to charge your battery enough to start your car. What we bring will jump your battery in an instant. If your car does not start, it’s not a jump that your car needs.

Super cold outside and your car will not start?

A lot of brand new cars with brand new batteries will not even start on days that dip below -10 degrees, even more will not start when it is -15 Degrees. Most times all you need is a jump start and that is what we can help with.

Left something on, like your headlights or radio and now your car won’t start? We can help! 24/7/365! 30 minute response time specialists!!

As we do guarantee our work, we are not able to guarantee your car will start with a simple jump start. Cars have lots of moving parts, it’s not always the battery that prevents a car from starting. We can say that if a car is in need of a jump only, we are the ones to call!

If you left the lights on and now your car will not start, a jump start is going to most likely solve your problem. If you went out of town for a couple weeks and now your car will not start, a jump start will probably fix your problem. If it’s -15 Degrees outside and your car will not start, 90% of the time a jump start will get your problem fixed.

Please keep in mind, on ultra cold Minnesota days where air (not wind) temperatures dip below -10 Degrees, cars may not start for different reasons. A tank less than full of fuel can accumulate moisture and turn to ice on cold days and prevent fuel from passing through to the engine. Spark plugs that are old and in need of replacement may freeze up and prevent your car from starting on super cold days.

What we do guarantee is we will be there when we say we will, we will do everything possible with our Heavy Duty equipment to get your car started. If we can’t jump it, it needs something more than a jump.

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