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Keypad Door Lock Installation

Keypad Door Lock Installation

Keypad locks are a great way to approach your home security from a different, more convenient way that offers a lot more options than you ever imagined. We here at Metro Lockout either have what you need in stock or can certainly special order whatever fits your specific needs. Call Metro Lockout now at 612-202-4575 and we can go over what is important to you in your new keypad lock.

Keypad locks come in a variety of colors and can either replace your door knob, door lever or dead bolt. Our Metro Lockout Technicians have installed many different types of keypad locks and know how to make the necessary adjustments to make them fit and operate correctly. We’ll program it for you and show you how to program it, if you so choose to re-program it on your own later.

Keypad locks are great for guests. Give them a unique code that they can use while they are in town and you never have to leave your door unlocked, leave a key hidden or provide them with an extra key. All of those things would only compromise your home’s security in the end.

Keypad locks are also great for babysitters, dog walkers, pet sitters, home sitters, etc. No more giving out keys and worrying that they might lose them. Give them a code. If they forget the code, you can give it to them right over the phone, no need to call a Locksmith when they lose the key or forget the code, they just call you, it’s free!

Keypad Lever Lock

If someone moves out, no need to rekey the locks, just change the code. You can do that on your own, no need to hire a Locksmith to come and rekey your locks again, just let one of our Locksmiths at Metro Lockout show you how to do it all yourself when we install your new keypad lock.

No need to worry about power to your keypad lock. Our line of keypad locks come with batteries. When those batteries get close to low, the keypad starts to beep to inform you to change the batteries. If you were on vacation for months while the beeping was trying to get your attention and now you come home to a dead battery, no need to worry then either. Our keypad locks come with key over ride, meaning if you forget the code or the battery dies you simply insert a key in to the keyway and turn, you’re in. Best part is, we can match that key up to other doors in your home. So the same key you use for other locks, elsewhere, can be used for this keypad lock’s over ride.

Keypad Deadbolt

It’s also great to have a keypad lock when you hire repair professionals or construction workers to work in your home while you are away. This way, you are not handing out more keys, worried they could possibly get duplicated if in the wrong hands, etc.

It’s also great knowing that if at anytime you needed to call a friend, relative or neighbor to enter your home for any unexpected reason, even if they do not have the key or code already, you could give them one of your already programmed codes and then delete it afterwards if you no longer want them to be able to enter without renewed permission.