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Patio Door Lock, Latch and Handle Repair

Patio Door Lock, Latch and Handle Repair

Do you have a patio or storm door that is broken or not locking correctly? Patio and storm doors, believe it or not are actually an important part of not only your home’s security, but also your heating and cooling efficiency as well as keeping unwanted “visitors” out.

Did you know that if your patio or storm is not latching or locking correctly that not only insects, bugs and flies can enter your home, but small rodents as well. One call to Metro Lockout and we can see to it that your patio door or storm door is closing, latching and locking correctly.

Having your storm door or patio door latch correctly means the wind will not be shaking the door back and forth as it storms outside. Just the sound of storm doors bouncing back and forth often times is what scares young children, more than the storm itself. It resembles the sound of someone beating on your door and can induce anxiety in some folks.

Sliding glass doors are just one of the vulnerabilities would-be thieves check for in a potential victim’s home. Sometimes that stick in the door is not quite good enough for the skilled burglar. Call us here at Metro Lockout and we can come and install a lock on your sliding glass door that even our highest skilled Technicians could not bypass.

Our skilled Locksmiths here at Metro Lockout can also install keyed locks on to your storm door or patio door. In most cases we are able to key the storm or patio door to the same key as the rest of the locks in your home take. Ask Metro Lockout today about how we can rekey your entire home to use just one key for all locks. Have a cabin up north or multiple properties? No problem there. We have great options for those scenarios including one key fits all locks at all properties, or different keys for each property with a master key to fit all properties. Call today and ask about our master key services and we can accommodate your needs.

Patio doors and storm doors are so widely different from home to home. Even in the state of Minnesota alone there are countless window and door manufacturers. What varies even more are their prices. Hardware for patio and storm doors literally range from a few dollars at the dollar store to hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars on special order, impossible to substitute hardware that is door specific and patented.

Most Locksmiths will not service patio or storm doors, but we here at Metro Lockout are always happy to tell you, “Yes, we’re happy to fix that for you. When would you like us to be there?”.

In most cases we are able to be there in as short as 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, no matter what. That’s our promise to you.

We guarantee our work. That means if we do not fix the problem, you do not pay a penny. It also means if something goes wrong with the hardware we install, call us and we’ll come straight back out there!

Call Metro Lockout now at 612-202-4575 and we can come and fix or rekey your patio or storm door today!