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Residential Locksmith

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Metro Lockout is a full service residential Locksmith in the Minneapolis area. Call us now because we offer great service from knowledgeable, helpful staff at competitive prices. Metro Lockout is the call to make for all your residential Locksmith needs.

We offer a full line of residential Locksmith services. We can help you back in to your locked home for a flat rate anywhere in the Twin Cities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have lost your key, broken your keys or bent your keys, we can help!

We are dedicated experts in the field of locks. We can replace your locks, fix your locks or upgrade your locks on the spot and make you as many keys as you would like, all for a fair price with no hidden fees.

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If you find someone to do it for less, call us, we want to earn your business!

Emergency Residential Lockout Service

Locked Out of Your House or Apartment?

We are staffed 24/7, 365 days a year and we are always ready for your call.

Call us, we will get you in! Metro Lockout is a residential lockout specialist.

We are here around the clock, ready to get you back in your home. When you call us we will send out one of own Locksmiths to gently open your door. We pride ourselves on our fair, honest prices and you will be charged what we said it would cost. Call Metro Lockout now and we will get you inside your house.

Not just exterior doors, Metro Lockout is the call to make if an internal door needs open. Metro Lockout can open your bedroom, bathroom and any other door in your home.

Lock Rekey/House Rekey

There are a lot of reasons to rekey a lock or a house, and if you have one give Metro Lockout a call. We can handle any rekey job, from one lock to an entire house. We also do commercial Locksmith jobs, including rekeying. We suggest you should rekey your house every time you move into a new place and any time you lose a key. When someone moves out or if someone that is not welcome to enter has a key it is a good time to rekey. Call Metro Lockout right now and we will get started on your rekey.

Keypad Door Lock/ Keyless Entry

Keypad door locks provide a convenient way to secure your home. Metro Lockout can install a keypad lock on your home’s door or doors. Having a keypad lock on your home will allow you simple push button access to your home. No more fumbling with keys. A keypad lock can replace or be added as a deadbolt lock or a door knob. Call Metro Lockout now to get started.

Upgrade Your Locks

Locks are graded by the ANSI as Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Grade 1 are highest grade security and durability and Grade 3 are the lowest.  Home builders and real estate agents often install grade 3 knobs, like the ones sold at local home improvement retailers. An upgrade to grade 2 will provide excellent security and durability. Grade 2 locks are a nice balance of price and utility for many residential applications. Call Metro Lockout now if you are ready to have your home’s locks upgraded.

High Security Locks

If you really take security seriously you will have to consider high security locks. Some brands use specialized keys that are not easily obtained, vastly increasing security and cost. High security locks offer bump resistance, pick resistance, drill resistance and force resistance in addition to superior key control.

Deadbolt Install

A deadbolt is a type of lock that cannot be moved to the open position except by rotating the lock cylinder. Because of this, a deadbolt lock makes a door more resistant to entry without the correct key, verses only a spring bolt lock (common entry door lock). Metro Lockout can install a dead bolt into any door pre-drilled or not, just give us a call.

Mail Box Keys Repair/Replace

Lost mailbox key? Mailbox key not working? Never got one? We can help! A securely locked mail box can help protect you from identity theft. If for any reason you can’t get your mailbox lock open or closed we can replace it. When the lock on your mailbox fails, it is time to call a Locksmith. Metro Lockout will come to your location and fix or replace your mail box lock. Give us a call we are ready to get your mailbox working again.

Door Lock Repair

Metro Lockout can fix or replace any broken door locks you may have. Our vast experience makes us the obvious call for any lock repair project. Give us a call right now to discuss your needs and the options we can offer you.

Patio Door Lock Repair

Metro Lockout can fix or replace broken patio door locks. We are the Locksmith to call for any patio door lock issues. We are also able to add keyed locks to patio doors or rekey the locks currently on them to your front door or any other key. Give Metro Lockout a call and we will have your patio door locks working correctly.

Patio Door Handle/Latch

Metro Lockout can fix or replace broken patio door latches and handles. We have experience with a wide range of manufacturers and can work on any door type including sliding, hinged or French doors. Because of the wide array of parts, manufacturers and finishes we often will have to order parts. Having pictures of the door, lock and latch ready to provide will be helpful and reduce the job completion time.

Garage Door Opener Remotes

Metro Lockout can replace your lost Garage door opener remote or add one to your current system. If you need an extra remote for your garage door Metro Lockout is the call to make. Having a garage door opener with enough remotes for all users is a great convenience. Call Metro Lockout today for Garage door opener remotes.


Metro Lockout can produce padlocks that use the same key as your home. We offer a wide assortment of padlock size, style and color combinations to meet your needs. Having padlocks that use the same key as your home is a great convenience without sacrificing security. Metro Lockout can also remove old padlocks that either don’t work or the key is lost.

Repair/Install Home Safe

The safe has been a strong line of defense in home security for quite some time. The protection offered from a properly installed safe is unparalleled by other common security methods. Metro Lockout can help with your home safe, whether you are just getting one and need it installed or require service to one you already have. Give us a call right now and we will help you get the best solution to your individual need.

Electronic Keypad Safe

Do you have an electronic safe? Metro Lockout can reset or change the combination of electronic keypad safes. For the most efficient service know the safe manufacturer and model number before calling.

Home Safe Combo Changing

New safes are often delivered with factory selected combinations, it is important to change them to something secure. There are unlimited reasons why you may need to change your safe combination but only one place to call, Metro Lockout. Let our Master Locksmiths change your safe combination to anything you choose, we are just a phone call away.

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