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Deadbolt Lock Installation

The dead bolt lock is a great way to increase the security of your home. Without dead bolts, your exterior doors are as good as unlocked. Every exterior door should have a dead bolt. If you have an exterior door that does not have a dead bolt, you need to have one installed. Even if it is just the exterior door that goes from outside to the garage or from the garage to the house, you need to have a dead bolt on every exterior door in your home.

Deadbolt Lock Installation

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A dead bolt is the lock that is above the door knob or door lever. It is the type of lock that requires one to either turn a key or a thumb turn to lock and unlock the door. Simply shutting the door will not lock the dead bolt.

Once the dead bolt is extended and in to the door jamb, it is staying put. It will not retract or unlock until someone turns a key or the thumb turn. No credit card trick is going to unlock a dead bolt.

Not all dead bolts are created equal. Some dead bolts are made of low quality materials, such as zinc. These locks can be often found in big box stores which is how big box stores buy such large bulk and sell at lower prices, it’s often the “B” stock that comes in the trailer full of locks they purchase and stock for years before selling to the consumer.

In fact, when big box stores buy such large inventory of locks, when those locks are discontinued for whatever reason, such as design flaws, the big box stores will continue selling them until they are all gone, which can take years. Buying your dead bolts from Metro Lockout ensures you will be buying dead bolts that are up to date, without design flaws and come with a 15 year guarantee.

If you have an exterior door that is lacking a dead bolt, call Metro Lockout and we can discuss a dead bolt that will fit your specific needs. We have same day appointments and guarantee our dead bolt installation to be like butter. Will turn, lock and unlock with ease. We can even match the key so the key for the dead bolt is the same key for your other locks as well. One key fits all locks in your home. No more trying to figure out which key for which door.

We can also examine your door and possibly do some reinforcing to make it even more secure, making it even harder for the door to be forced open.

We also provide higher security, Grade 1 and Grade 2 dead bolts, which are solid steel bolts that will not break like a hollow dead bolt often found in Grade 3 dead bolts.

We offer our dead bolts in a variety of colors including; bright brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze and stainless steel.

If your exterior door has a window in it or next to it, Metro Lockout strongly suggests that you call us for a double cylinder dead bolt. Double cylinder dead bolts require a key to unlock and lock the door from either inside or outside. No thumb turn means no one can break the window, reach in and unlock your door. With windows being smaller and harder to climb through these days, double cylinder dead bolts go a long way in keeping your home and family secure.

Single Sided Deadbolt vs. Double Sided Deadbolt

Even some interior doors should sometimes have a dead bolt. If you have a rental property that you rent rooms to multiple, separate tenants, it is a good idea to have a dead bolt on each of the bedrooms. It just keeps everyone more secure, prevents alot of potential conflicts.

Installing dead bolts is not for the DIY’er. Drilling holes in to doors and door frames can prove harder than it looks. Everything has to be perfect or the lock just does not function. Holes cannot be moved once drilled. We strongly suggest hiring a professional to install a dead bolt on your doors. The price to get one is well worth the peace of mind you’ll have knowing the door is locked tight. The price to pay a professional to install it is well worth not having to worry about all of the steps that could go wrong along the way.

Hiring Metro Lockout ensures you will pay a fair price and love the results. The best time to have your deadbolts installed is when you first move in to your home and get your locks rekeyed by Metro Lockout. When we rekey your locks and install new dead bolts, we can make one key fit all the locks in your home and provide you with as many of those keys as you would like.

We here at Metro Lockout can also master key your deadbolts along with your other locks to allow you to have one key that operates all locks and some keys that only operate some locks, the options are limitless.

High security locks and high security dead bolts go hand in hand like Metro Lockout and home security does. We can provide “Do Not Duplicate” keys as well as restricted keyways, etc. We can also upgrade your current locks for higher security.

Other options are available as well, such as keypad dead bolt locks and keypad dead bolt locks that come with remote controls to eliminate the need for a key or a code, just press a button on your key chain, just like unlocking your car.

Trust the experts at Metro Lockout to secure your home with freshly installed dead bolts on all of your doors.

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